Behind AKHESA’s creations
Behind AKHESA’s creations

Behind AKHESA’s creations

What’s behind AKHESA’s beautiful leather and fur jackets ? Who is making the finishing touches ? What is AKHESA’s manufacturing process ?

We chose to unveil some more about our creations and its tailoring, by sharing  key moments of the manufacturing chain.

First, AKHESA selects for you quality skins to make beautiful smooth, soft and resistant pieces. Then, these raw materials go into the tannery to be softened and enhanced. 50% of each creation is hand made.

The manufacture varies depending on the materials and the finishing touches (braiding leather, heat press,  flocking, leather yokes on tulle or lace, digital impressions, impressions by transfer* etc), so each product has its own manufacturing method.
*we squeeze a kind of paper on the leather so that the ink is transferred directly on the leather

Follow the different manufacturing steps thanks to the pictures shot in our workshop.

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